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Video permissions on Teams

Dear Parents and Carers,

Firstly, well done to all for a steep learning curve in our remote learning technology.

As you will know currently during our live session the cameras are not enabled. To be able to do this we need permission from all parents. We can either have the capability switched on or off for the entire school. It cannot be set for individual accounts.


Please complete the form whatever your opinion.


This does not mean that the camera must be switched on and you do have the option to change the background or blur the background. There are instructions on how to do this attached.

That said, we believe that it would be extremely beneficial to aid the teaching and learning if pupils could utilise the video functions during the ‘live’ sessions.  It would also be hugely beneficial for the children’s wellbeing to see each other as well as hear each other during the class times.  



  • Please make sure that your microphone is turned off unless you are invited to talk.
  • Please ensure that you video is off before you join if you wish.
  • It may be that your teacher asks you to switch off your video if the internet is struggling with all of them being switched on.
  • For each live session please have to hand a pen and a piece of paper or ideally a white board and pen.


To help us make the use of video technology a possibility for our pupils, please read the Digital learning code of conduct and complete the permission form attached.

The form will be available until Monday 8th February 2021, 4pm.


Click here to complete the form

Click here to read the code of conduct

Click here to read how to blur or change your background


Best wishes

Mrs Jo Reid