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Forest School Leader

I started working at Botley School in 2020 as a Teaching Assistant and began my training as a Forest School Leader Level 3 a year later, at Hill End Outdoor Education Centre.


I have a keen interest in Horticulture, Holistic Learning and Nature Pedagogy as well as a passion for design and architecture, graduating with a degree in Interior Design and a National Diploma in Product Design and going on to work as a Designer in London for about 10 years. I have also worked within the Botley community for many years as a florist at Elms Parade and in Oxford, which many will know me from, as well as being Head Gardener at Bicester Village.


I am passionate about Forest School and its benefits for the children at Botley School. A holistic, safe learning space that benefits the children and the school as a whole, giving them the right to play and interact, and to experience a healthy range of emotions.


As the school’s Forest School Leader, it is important that I continue to reflect after each session, learning as the children learn. I complete a daily risk assessment as well as a reflection on every session. 

I hold a Level 3 qualification in Forest School, a Level 3 in Paediatric First Aid, a Level 3 in Forest School First Aid, and a Level 2 in Food Safety & Hygiene. I am also trained to provide Diabetic care to relevant children.

I provide opportunities for children to create and manage their own projects, as well as experience risk and challenges to help them grow in a positive relationship with the natural world.


- Mr Evans-Lee
Forest School Level 3

Volunteering at Forest School

Forest School works best at a higher ratio of adults to children.

Children feel more safe when they know that there is an adult nearby. In every session, we make sure that the Adult to Child ratio is high with our our amazing Teaching Assistants - they know the children inside and out and many will be working 1:1 with certain children throughout their education at Botley.


An extra set of eyes always helps, so we are looking for volunteers that can come along and look out for the children and support the Forest School Leader.


Your role as a volunteer is to monitor the children for their safety but not to discourage any risk play. Please make sure you understand the ethos behind Forest School play, risk within the Forest School, and be aware of any Teaching Assistants that may be working 1:1 with a child.


See: Forest School Health & Safety


Sessions are currently from 13:15 to 15:15 every school day, so if you would like to help with any sessions please complete the ‘Volunteer Application Form’ below and specify Forest School in section 6.