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Ten Town

We use Ten Town in school to support the children in their Mathematical learning. We have been able to give parents access to this at home. Each child has been given a username/password (please ask a member of staff if you do not have this) and instructions to how to log into it at home.

You could use Ten Town to focus on a number (one a day) and do activities based on that number. You could find that number of objects (e.g. 5 cars, 5 spoons, 5 red socks etc.), you could find how many ways you could make that number using addition or subtraction and write this as a number sentence.

Number formation


Why not set up a tuck shop where children are paying for their snacks with real money. They could create a price board and pay with the coins. They could pay using 1p coins or a combination of coins. You may want to introduce giving change!


Here are a few websites that will help support your child's Mathematical learning.