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Activity 1 - Draw me a song

Put some music on and listen very carefully.

What shapes and colours pop into your mind? Try to draw how the music makes you feel. 


Activity 2 - Garden art

Shoes on, it's time to go in the garden.

Find some petals and leaves and use them to make a pattern. What colours can you see? What smells can you smell? Can you do this with twigs or anything else?


Activity 3 - Water melodies...

Fill some drinking glasses with different amounts of water.

Wet your finger and lightly rub it round the rim of the glasses. What beautiful music can you make?


Activity 4 - Scribble art!

Close your eyes and scribble on a piece of paper.

Then the fun part - see what you can spot in your scribbles.


 Activity 5 - Just dance!

Find your favourite song and dance like no one is watching.

Stop thinking. Start dancing. You can give any part of your body a wiggle.


Activity 6 - Colour spiral!

Use pens or crayons to draw a big spiral.

Choose colours that reflect how you feel today. Is today a red day? Or blue? Or green?


Activity 7 - Pull a monster face!

It's time to be silly.

Stand opposite someone else and pull your funniest monster face. How long can you do this for without laughing?