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Year 3

Picture 1 Our version of sunrise on Midsummer's Day

Year 3 had a brilliant visit to Stonehenge on Tuesday 27th November.  Despite the wind and rain, we managed to have a good look around the stones and we thought about the amazing achievements of the builders and worshippers from the Stone age and Bronze Age.  We visited the museum and studied artefacts from the time - pottery, flints, bones, bronze.  We asked lots of questions and enjoyed sitting in the 360 film room watching Stonehenge through the seasons.

We ground flour, made rope and handled replica tools and weapons in the Neolithic house, learning more about life at that time.  In the Education Room we discovered what clothes were like and what they were made of, what happened at Midsummer and Midwinter with the sun and the stones, we figured out how the stones were transported and how they were lifted into position.  We found out what it was like to excavate a burial barrow.  It was a packed day and we all got home safely.  A big thank you to all the staff at Stonehenge who helped us to have a fabulous day!

Welcome to Year 3!


Here comes the ice age

Here comes the ice age 1
Here comes the ice age 2
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