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About Botley School

Botley School is set in large grounds, with the main building dating back to the 1930’s. Classrooms
are airy and spacious, where children’s learning and achievements are celebrated. In 2007 our
new extension was completed providing foundation children with a purpose built Early Years


There are many opportunities for children, parents, governors and staff to be an integral part in
the shaping of the Botley School community.


We believe education is a partnership between home and school and we place a great deal of
emphasis on our partnership with parents. We believe that children learn best when home and
school work together for their benefit. When your child starts school, it is not where your job ends
and ours begins. It is where our job begins and yours continues!


Children coming into the school bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the world
around them. It is our aim to build on these skills and promote a willingness and enthusiasm to
learn more.