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Nursery Provision

Entering Nursery



When you arrive at school, you can enter the Early Years Foundation Stage buildings through the gate to the right of the School office.



This will take you into the Caterpillar garden which leads into the Nursery garden. Here you will find the entrance into Nursery.



Nursery Provision

At Botley School we offer the Funded Universal Entitlement (15 hours a week) and the Extended Entitlement (30 hours a week) for our 3-4 year olds. Our session times are:

15-hour provision: 8.40am-11.40am Monday to Friday OR 12.20pm-3.20pm. Additional sessions are charged at an additional cost of £25 per session (booked a term in advance)

30-hour provision: 8.40am-3.20pm Monday to Thursday and Friday 8.40am-12.20pm. Friday afternoon is charged at an additional cost of £20 per week. 


What shall I bring to Nursery?

In Nursery the children do not need to wear school uniform. Please wear suitable clothes for indoor and outdoor play, according to the weather. This will include sun hats in the summer and hat and gloves for the winter. We encourage the children to help with dressing and undressing, so clothes that are easy to take on and off e.g. jogging bottoms, pull-on tops, velcro shoes are ideal.

We ask for a spare clothes bag that consists of at least two changes of clothes including underwear, which is left in school. If your child is in nappies, please supply nappies, wipes and nappy sacks.

We ask children to have an appropriate/waterproof coat and wellies.

Please name everything!


Please can long hair be tied back and no jewellery except small stud earrings.

Nursery Environment

Our classroom is lovely and has many exciting areas for you to explore and learn. Here are some of them.

Purple area

Cheryl's and Sharon's Key Group is based in the Purple area. When you arrive, please go and say hello to  who them will be waiting to register you.

Yellow area

Sarah's Key Group is based in the Yellow area. When you arrive, please go and say hello to Sarah who will be waiting to register you.


Role-Play area

Our role-play area is set up as a home where you can prepare and eat meals, read a story, write a shopping list and don’t forget to look after the babies.


Construction area

We have a variety of resources for you to use including large wooden blocks, trains, cars, small world people, dinosaurs as well as natural materials.





Reading areas

We have several areas for children to sit and share a story. Here is one of them.


Applying for a Nursery place

You can apply for a Nursery place by completing our enrolment form and returning it to our School Office.