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Be Positive

Activity 1 - Something Special

Take it in turns to share three things that make you special.

Once you've all shared, celebrate whats makes you, you!


Activity 2 - Say something nice

Paying someone a compliment is a very kind thing to do.

You could say they look nice or that you enjoy spending time with them. How many people can you compliment today? How does it feel?


Activity 3 - Strike a pose!

Turn yourself into a statue that shows people how you're feeling today.

Do you feel tall like a superhero, or quiet and curled up like a hedgehog? Talk about why you chose your pose.


Activity 4 - Blowing bubbles!

Fill a glass with milk and pop a straw in it.

Blow into the straw and watch bubbles appear! How big can you make the bubbles? Can you count them?


Activity 5 - A note for you...

You have a top secret mission!

Write or draw something nice for a person in your house, then hide the note somewhere they will find it. How does it feel, doing something nice for someone?