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Curriculum Policy and Curriculum Content

The Curriculum Policy below was reviewed in June 2021 and includes an overview of the curriculum for 2021-2024 in the appendices.



Here at Botley School we foster engagement with learning and make the curriculum as rich and broad as possible. To this end, we have planned a creative curriculum which will engender curiosity, creativity and challenge . All the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum are met through our planning which links themes and ideas and creates opportunities.  Then with a creativity that includes outdoor learning and trips and visitors, we explore and learn!

Alongside this, the children are building resilience with Growth Mindset skills that will help prepare them for Life.

Our Curriculum


  • The National Curriculum is organised in Key Stages.  Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7 in Years 1 and 2) and Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11 in Years 3-6).  The Foundation Stage curriculum is followed by children in the Reception class.
  • Whole school planning procedures include schemes of work and lesson plans. We teach a creative curriculum, and work is planned to meet the individual needs of each pupil.
  • The curriculum is delivered using a variety of teaching methods, sometimes whole class, sometimes group and sometimes individual.
  • The school has internal procedures for monitoring the teaching and learning.  These involve the Headteacher, Senior Leadership Team and Curriculum co-ordinators.
  • All policies are available in school for parents to read.