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At Botley School we encourage children to write with a clear purpose for a real audience. Our writing begins with a hook and an initial immersion into a high-quality book carefully chosen. Our writing journey focuses around a main purpose such as writing to entertain, inform, persuade and discuss. We ensure coverage of the National Curriculum by using our school progression documents for each unit of work. Throughout the writing process, children are taught to think about why they are writing, who they are writing for, what they write, how to write and organise their piece and what effect we intend our writing to have. At the heart of our writing process, we maintain a strong focus on oracy and vocabulary and plan opportunities to develop these skills further in all Wider Curriculum subjects.

The children at Botley are introduced to a wide range of text types which are mapped out in the Curriculum Overview below. Staff ensure that children are taught the features and skills needed to produce high quality writing and, when planning, staff use progression grids to ensure that objectives are meet for each year group. The chosen texts are linked to the foundation curriculum topics where appropriate (For example, history, science or geography).