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Headteacher's Welcome

Headteacher's Welcome


Botley School is just outside Oxford City and we welcome all children and their parents to our school. We have a wonderfully diverse school community where we celebrate our differences and join together under the umbrella of British Values, eg. Respect and tolerance.


    Our motto is “Creating Excellence, Embracing All” and our two school rules are:

                                                     'Be brilliant and be safe!'


I have had the pleasure of working at Botley School since 2007, when I joined the school as a cover teacher.  Very quickly my part-time work grew and I became a class teacher, then Assistant Head and now Acting Headteacher.  I can honestly say that I love being here with the best group of children and staff possible and I have treasured the millions of happy times I have shared at the heart of this community.  Working closely beside me is Mrs Griffiths, Acting Deputy Head, who works tirelessly to oversee attendance and steers our team's teaching and learning.  High standards and innovative learning is Mrs Griffiths' vision.


At Botley School we have developed a hard working learning culture, with a clear focus on Reading, Writing and Mathematics. We strive to equip our children for today’s modern ever changing world, to meet and overcome any challenges they may face so that they can  become happy, healthy, well balanced young people ready for their next stage in education.


Our governors, staff and parents are firmly embedded in our school ethos, having clear expectations and supporting the high standards we instill in all members of our school community.   We have high quality, motivated staff working together to provide a flexible, challenging and broad skills based curriculum, including a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, delivered through a variety of activities both within and outside the school.


We are very proud of our school grounds and our brand new canteen which opened with a celebratory roast dinner on Wednesday 18th September!


Do contact our School Office to come and see for yourself.


Mrs Alexandra Neil, Acting Headteacher