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2023 PGL updates

PGL Day 5

Today was super fun I had the best fun at the crate stacking and the sensory trail was great. The whole of PGL was amazing and the food was amazing. The staff were so nice to us. I felt really included and we were really enjoying our time there. Our rooms were really clean and comfortable. The showers were warm and steamy, which was very relaxing.

Alex and Scott

PGL Day 4

On our fourth day of PGL, our first activity was problem solving, during this activity we used a lot of team work, we also made sure we were all being inclusive to reach our goals. We loved all the activities but our over all favourite activities were floor is lava and the pipe challenge. Our second activity before lunch was  the giant swing, to get to the maximum height, anyone not on the swing had to pull a rope to lift  the people on the swing once you reached the top the people on the right had to  pull a red  string .I had no idea what was going to happen because the instructor told us that I was checking for safety and when I pulled it me, Kyam  and Caitlyn went flying up in the air, we were all shocked. It was so fun but quite scary. After we went to lunch, for lunch we had multiple options for all dietary restrictions. Next that was the buggy building with our team leader Nicki, we had to make a specific tie to build the buggy, but in the end we all made it, and we all got to ride on it, sadly our session ended and we had to take it apart. Our next activity was Jacobs Ladder, some of the people in our group made it to the top such as Ebti, Kuba and Pedro, but the majority of us didn’t since it was difficult Ebti said it was very hard to get to the eighth log as she had to stay in the koala position for a long time and then after a while she finally got the courage and confidence and claimed up to the eighth log and everyone cheered, that was our last activity. We then went back to our rooms for a bit and started packing since it was our last full day at PGL. We also had to tidy our rooms ready for the room inspections, then we got ready for dinner. After dinner we started getting ready for the disco that we were having at the end of the night, once everyone was ready we went to the disco which had amazing music  and everyone was having a blast. Then we enjoyed our nightly reading of Cosmic and snuggled up in our blankets in a big heap on the floor.

Ayaana, Mia, Pedro, Nicole, Ebti, Caitlyn, Sadia 

PGL Day 3

It is day 3 of PGL. Today we had abseiling, it was scary at first but then it was really fun. Aeroball is just like basketball but it is on a trampoline. We also had a challenge course where we were training to become spies. The last activity for the day was zip wire. We were told that there was £50 pounds in the tyre at the end of the zip wire. The zip wire was very high and scary but very fun. Some teachers try all of the activities and challenges. For breakfast we had sausage and hash brown, for lunch we had chicken nuggets with sweet chilli sauce, for dinner we had cheesy meatballs. We having a tournament as our evening activities. Abseiling felt like jumping on the moon with low gravity but we had to trust the rope and lean back. It was really fun. 

By Ioan, Pedro, Elijah, Cara, Amelia

PGL Day 2


In our first full day of activities, the children have been testing their teamwork with The Vertical Challenge, where they were climbing a vertical obstacle course attached to a harness with the other children pulling them up. Some of the children managed to persuade Mr Jones to have a go! Another activity was a massive climbing wall which the children had to try their best to reach the top. Orienteering had some tricky map work but the children did really well. In archery  they had a shot at shot at hitting the target and multiple people hit the bullseye. Mrs Reid managed to get 3 bullseyes! Our group hasn't had a go at the Sensory Trail yet but another group told us that they went on a trail blindfolded. We finished the day with a game of Ambush in the dark. 

By Rose and Rosa

PGL Day 1


Our first day at PGL has been very exciting. We arrived, met our PGL guide Nicky, and found our rooms. The children lost no time at all in setting up the very colourful door signs the children had created before we left. We then went to spend time in the MUGA letting off some steam before our first  evening meal. Next we had our first evening activity: Balloon Smash. The children had to find ways to protect the water balloon from bursting when dropped from a height. Lots of great teamwork was needed to earn the points needed to buy the equipment they wanted. Mr Griffiths had lots of fun throwing the final designs into the air to see which were best protected when they crashed to the ground. 

We returned to the dorm rooms after the evening activity, got ready for bed and then cosied up for a story time. 

The children are now all settling down and will (hopefully) soon be asleep!