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Forest School Donations & Wishlist

Can you help with any of the following items?

Updated: 18th February 2024

Items Needed




Wood Chippings

Continuous Supply

Pathways in The Woods, The Nature Reserve, and the Apple Grove.


Wood Fire Logs

Continuous Supply

Forest School Campfires – Would like to build up a good stock throughout the year


Tree Branches & Sticks

Continuous Supply

Den Building, Workshops, etc


Jumbo Bulk Bags of Multipurpose Compost


Gardening (Jumbo Bulk Bags)


Roofer Help?


Apple Grove Shelter needs a new roof felt – can anybody help supply and fit?


Corrugated Metal Sheets


We would like to encourage Slow Worms to nest in our site and corrugated metal sheets help this by warming up in the sunshine. 


New Gates Help?


We have a new entrance to the Woodland – we would like a new double gate for this.

The Apple Grove needs a single gate.

Can you help supply and fit one?


Gardening Tools - Metal Forks & Trowels

20 – 30



Metal pots, pans, buckets, etc (Not plastic please)


Mud Kitchen (Apple Grove)


If you would prefer to email please complete the Contact Form below or call you can call the office on 01865 248573 (school hours only).

Forest School Donation Query

We also require some tools and bits and bobs for Forest School.

I have created a wish list on Amazon for these items which you can simply order online and will be delivered to the school automatically.


Click Here
Botley Forest School Amazon Wishlist

Order through Amazon and they will automatically be delivered to school
if you select the Gift Registry Address option.


Forest School uses resources supplied by nature such as sticks, mud, moss, feathers, leaves, and berries, but we are not able to keep taking from our small woodland without causing a negative effect to it and its inhabitants. If you can help by donating any equipment please get in touch.


We appreciate any help by supplying us with wood logs for burning on our campfire, wood sticks and branches to help the children to build dens, whittling, and wood workshops. Stumps and trunks are used for seating and work benches - our current ones have begun to rot away and are needing to be replaced. 


The Apple Grove Shelter has felt roofing that was damaged this year in the storms. We would love to have it re-felted to protect it for the future. The new entrance to the Woods/Nature Reserve really could do with a double gate, can you help with the supply and fit of one?




Thank you to everyone who has helped provide some

of the items we need for Forest School already!

  • St. John's College (Bagley Wood) have donated 60 large stumps for the children to sit on. (we need more though). They also have given us fire logs to get us through some chilly afternoons this winter.


  • B&M Home Stores in Abergavenny and B&M Home Stores in Abingdon kindly gave us discount to provide us with new fruit trees for the Jubilee Orchard.


  • The Flower Shop in Elms Parade, Botley have been very kind by donating woodland bulbs to help our woodland grow.


  • Friends of Botley School (FOBS) have donated gardening gloves and seeds as well as organising a £100 donation from Howdens Joinery. 


  • Scott Fraser Estate Agents in Summertown are giving £250 voucher to Botley School for each sale that completes in the Botley area.
  • Thank you to the person who sent us some items from our Amazon Wishlist! (Seeds, gloves, and a Whittling Tool Kit!) There wasn't a note to say who they were from but they are gratefully received. 


  • Thank you for the lovely donation of English Bluebell seeds and Twine!


  • Thank you for the 1kg bag of Vegan Marshmallows! These will bring lots of happy faces!


  • A massive thank you for the mountain of Wood Chip delivered to the school field! It's been taken to the Woods already and has made a big difference! 
  • Thank you for the Hammer and Nails - this will really help with Hand-Eye Co-ordination and Fine Motor Skills in sessions.
  • Thank you for the huge amount of Dandies Marshmallows! That'll last a year!
  • Thank you for the Rubber Mallets - these are great for the kids to use and help practice their hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Thank you for the Tarpaulins, Fire Steels and Compost! Tarps will be useful for Den Making and the compost will be put to use shortly for Gardening starting in May.


Our Forest School has already benefited from this and will enrich the children's experiences.

A huge thank you from all the children, myself and the school.


- Mr Evans-Lee

Forest School Leader

A special thank you to the following companies for your help, advice, support, and donations.