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Year 4

Welcome To Year 4

Term 6


Dear Children, Parents and Carers,


Learning Themes for Years 1 – 5 – Summer Term


Thank you so much for all the lovely work you are completing each week. We hope you are enjoying our weekly themes and the suggested learning opportunities and activities for each topic. Have a look and pick some of the activities you would like to complete. If you have a brother or sister maybe you could do some of the activities together as a team. 


Do not forget to continue to complete your daily Maths sessions using the White Rose Hub in conjunction with BBC Bitesize. There are links to Hamilton Trust, BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy if you wish to use these. We will continue to put up weekly spelling activities for you to complete.


Stay safe and happy.

Best wishes,

The Year 1 – 5 Staff

Stay Safe Online


Don't forget to stay safe online. Have a look at the activities with your Parents and Carers on our Online Safety page.


Please email us some of your work to the Year 4 email address below.

We love to see it and share it with others!

It is only seen by your teachers and you can request for it not to be put on the blog if you wish.

Useful Websites




Please remember that you have your own personal logins to the following fantastic websites:


We also have a school login to Letterjoin - handwriting activities


In addition, Twinkl have generously made all their resources available for a month, free of charge! Their website is Enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS