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Week beginning 20th April 2020 - Broad Bean Bonanza

Broad Bean Bonanza


This week we are going to set up an experiment - we will start the experiment on Tuesday 21st April.


If you can, have a go at home and if not keep an eye on here and we will complete a picture diary so that you can make your observations.

You will need:

  • two or three clear plastic drinking cups
  • some plain white kitchen paper
  • a packet of broad bean seeds


Method - What to do

  1. Wrap one sheet of kitchen paper around the inside of each cup, then stuff the centre of the cups with paper as well.
  2. Slip a broad bean seed between the cup and the outer sheet of paper, so that it is visible from the outside.
  3. Now, water the paper so that it is wet but not soaking, put the cups in a warm, light place, and keep them well-watered.
  4. Look at the seeds every day and watch how they are developing.



Have a go at keeping a diary. Record your observations

You could;

  • make your own diary
  • use this template - See below - My Bean Diary by....
  • use the diary on Purple Mash -My Plant Diary -  Click here
Note for parents: Broad beans are one of the best choices for children to plant and grow as they develop quickly, and the parts can be clearly seen as they grow. If you have one, your child can use a magnifying glass to observe the bean seeds closely as they develop.

Other Ideas


We suggest that you plant more than one broad bean seed because sometimes seeds don’t germinate. If you are planting more than one, you could try these ideas:


  • Once one of the seeds starts to grow roots, put the cup inside a shoe box with a small hole cut in the lid. Wait and see what happens. Don’t forget to keep the cup watered!
  • Try planting the bean seed upside down. Broad bean seeds have a black line at one edge – this is where the roots emerge. Try putting the seed in the cup with the black line at the top. Predict what you think will happen. Will the roots grow up and the shoots grow down?
  • Put one of your cups in the fridge. Do you think this will make a difference? Check it every day and compare it to a seed which is in the warmth.
  • Have a seed growing competition- whose seed will sprout the tallest?
  • Once your seed has grown a few leaves, if you want to keep it growing, you will need to put it in a pot of soil or in the garden. If you do this, you could grow your own broad beans to eat for dinner!
  • All of these activities can also be done with bulbs. Sit the bulb on top of a cup or glass of water so that its roots are touching the water. You can buy special vases for growing bulbs, if you prefer. Hyacinth bulbs work well for this, and you can try all the activities suggested for the broad bean seeds.