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Week beginning 1st June 2020

This week’s spelling focus is the sound pronounced ‘or’ but spelled ‘ar’. There are not many of these words that use the spelling ‘ar’ for this sound.  

Here is the list of spelling words.

Using the spelling word list, have a go at a Guess My Word game. One person chooses a word and the others ask questions about the sounds and letters in the word. You are not allowed to guess the word straight away, but ask questions instead, e.g. ‘Are there five letters in your word?’ ‘Does your word have the phoneme “d” in it?’ ‘Does your word end in an “m”?’ As soon as you think you know the word write it down, and when everyone has written their answer show it to the person who chose the word. They can then check it is the right word and that it is spelled correctly. Receive a point (or treat!) for the correct answer!

Once you have practised spelling these words please could you help me by checking the activity I’ve written for you? I have written out some sentences using this week’s words. However, I think I have made some errors... Please can you help mark my homework? Tick or cross the words underlined and correct them if they are wrong. Thank you!

Check my homework!

If you would like further practise of these spellings there is a quiz on Purple Mash set as a 2Do.