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Week beginning 18th May 2020

We are coming to the end of our Plants unit in Science and we hope you have enjoyed the learning! This week we will be observing an investigation and also thinking about plants that we eat.

Part One - an investigation...

We will be thinking about what plants need to grow. We know that they need water and light, but what about temperature? Do you think a plant will grow better in the warmth or in the cold? What makes you think this? Can you explain your ideas?

How can we find out?

This week we are going to plant some cress seeds. Cress is very easy to grow and also grows very fast (hopefully!) We will be sharing the daily progress of the cress’s growth for you to observe.

There will be two different pots of cress – one which we will grow inside in a warm place; and the other we will grow outside where it will be cooler. Which do you think will grow fastest?

Can you make a prediction?


Picture 1

Observe the growing progress of our cress by following the photo diary on our Cress Growing Investigation page... Click on the cress!

Part Two - Plants we eat 

Lots of the food that we eat is a part of a plant. Can you think of any? What plants or parts of plants do we eat? Have a look at the video PowerPoint to find out more about the main groups of edible plants - you can pause the video to discuss the images. 

Plants We Eat PowerPoint video

Still image for this video

Below is a BBC film clip called Growing and Picking Orchard Fruit, where you can find out about what fruit needs to become ripe, how it is farmed and its journey to the shops. 

Have a go at the Plants We Eat activity set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.