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Week beginning 11th May 2020

The spelling focus for this week is when the letter ‘a’ is most commonly used for the /ɒ/ sound

(as in hot) when it follows a ‘w’ and a ‘qu’, for example ‘was’ or ‘squash’.



This week's spellings:

Once you have practised the words have a go at Path through the Swamp. The rules of the game are you cannot step on a word that is incorrectly spelled, otherwise you will sink into the green, stinky swamp! Start on the ‘starting stone’ and sound out the words on the stones that are next to this stone. You cannot ‘jump’ over the stones; you must choose the next correctly spelled stone. You can then continue to find the path all the way through the swamp to reach the end.

Check the answer sheet when you’ve finished – no peeping! laugh

Path through the swamp

If you have time, have a go at the spelling quiz set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.