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Week beginning 30.04.2020

Maths - Positional and direction language

We want the children to use a wide range of vocabulary to describe where things are such as under, over, above, beneath, next to, beside, behind, in front as well as describe how to travel such as left, right, turn, through etc. There are many games that support children in using positional and directional langauge.

Can you create an obstacle course (either inside or outside) that will involve you moving in different ways and directions? When you complete the course can you tell your family how you are moving using positional/directional language? For example, I am crawling under the table, I am walking in between the chairs etc. You could direct a family member around the course or around your house.

You could hide a teddy and describe where it is for a familly member to find.


Topic - Characters

This term our topic was Fairy Tales and we read a variety of stories. Can you create your own fairy tale character? You could draw/paint a picture, use clay/salt dough to make the character, write a sentence to introduce the character and tell us what their name is, what they look like and what they would do in the story. Will they be a good character or a baddie?