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W/B 30.03.20 - the /u/ sound spelled 'ou'

The short vowel /u/ sound can be made in different ways: ‘u’ (as in tuck), ‘oe’ (as in does), ‘o’ (as in love), ‘oo’ (as in flood) and ‘ou’ (as in touch). The final spelling pattern is the focus for this unit.


Some of the words we have looked at are encourage, trouble, cousins, country, double, younger, touch, rough, nourish and courage. Can you look, say, cover and write each word. As a challenge can you find the missing words in the sentences below? Extra challenge is to attempt to write each sentence but join your handwriting. 


a) I knew I was in t _ _ _ _ _ _ when I saw the broken window.

b) I have two c _ _ _ _ _ _ who live in the c _ _ _ _ _ _.

c) My brother is y _ _ _ _ _ _ than me.

d) Mum said, ‘Don’t t _ _ _ _ _ _ the plate because it is very hot.’

e) If someone is brave, it means they have c _ _ _ _ _ _.