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W/B 22.06.20 - Homophones

With all your hard work we have come to an end of the Year 3 Spelling rules. Normally, we would choose a list of words based on your writing but for obvious reasons we are unable to do that. Instead we are going to review previous rules we have studied.


This week we would like you to look again at homophones. Below is a few examples: 




  1. Create a poster helping others to remember the spelling of different homophones. Use bright and colourful drawings. My favourite example is 'there', 'their' and 'they're'. The image below helps me remember which is the correct spelling.
  2. How many homophones can you think of? Write each homophone in a sentence so you have a clear understanding of the meaning of each word.
  3. Have a go at a number of fun homophone activities on the Spellzone website. You can study, learn, play games, test yourself, print and practise your handwriting.