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W/B 20.04.20

This week we want you to think about your favourite item of clothing or outfit. Why is it your favourite? Who gave it to you? 


Please draw a picture and add labels that could describe the colour, texture and detail about any print (patterns or images). Can you research the material it is made out of and find out where it comes from? Is it a plant or created in a factory? Which country was it made in?


Talk to your parents or grandparents and ask them what their favourite item of clothing was when they were your age. What are the differences and similarities between the two pieces of clothing/outfits?



This is a picture of Miss Doran and her sister in 1992. Miss Doran looks awesome. She is wearing her favourite outfit from the time. It was a shell suit and her LA Gear trainers. She loved this outfit because it was amazing at helping her slide really far across wooden floors. This was considered cool at the school disco but apparently not so cool at the Ashmolean Museum.


What do you know about fashion from the past and from the present? What would you like to know?


Please share your pictures and research through the Year 3 email