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W/B 18.05.20 - 'sion' and 'tion'

This week we are learning how to add -tion and -sion to a root word. 


Have a close look at our word list. If a word ends in ‘de’, 'd', or 'se' we remove the ‘de’, 'd' or 'se' and the suffix -sion is added e.g. collide + -sion = collision. If a word ends in ‘t’ or 'te', we remove the ‘t’ or 'te' and the suffix -tion is added, e.g. correct + -tion = correction.

Look at the words below:

                act                    explode                     decide                        invent


Can you identify the /shun/ sound in each word?


action                    explosion                      decision                         invention


Have a go at adding -tion or -sion to the rest of the words in the word list.



  1. Write our spelling words in a silly sentence e.g. The decision to create an explosion from my pink invention was shown on television. How many of our spelling words can you include in a sentence? Don't forget to underline and then check you have spelt the word correctly.
  2. Complete the Director's Cut activity (see below).