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W/B 08.06.20 - in- and il- prefixes

Prefixes are groups of letters that can be added to the beginning of a word. They usually change the meaning of the root word. The prefixes in- and il- mean not and turn a root word into a negative. For example, 'active' would become 'inactive'. When a root word starts with ‘l’, the prefix used to turn the word into a negative is il- rather than in-.



  • Look at our word list and put the words in alphabetical order. Remember to look at the third letter, then the fourth and maybe the fifth to help you order the words. Can you explain the meaning of each word? If you are unsure of a meaning use a dictionary (if you have one at home) or check with a grown up.
  • Write each word in a sentence.
  • Complete the Change the Word activity. You need to change the word in brackets in each sentence to a negative word by adding either the in- or the il- prefix.