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W/B 04.05.20 - Tudor Clothes



This week we are learning about the clothing that was worn by people during the Tudor times.


Read through the PowerPoint below to learn about two important historical figures and the type of clothes that were worn by adults during this period.

Watch the clip below to learn about children's clothing during the Tudor period.


  • We would like you to imagine that you are a famous Tudor artist. You have been asked to create a portrait. You can decide whether your portrait will be a drawing, a painting or a model e.g. clay, plasticine, Fimo or junk modelling. Will your portrait be of an adult or child?
  • With permission from a grown up, we would love it if you could research on the internet to learn more about the Tudor period and the type of clothing that people wore.


Don't forget to share your portrait through the Year 3 email.