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Virtual school trip to the zoo




Welcome everyone at Botley


Please click on the link to the Virtual Zoo website below. 

You can then click and explore Virtual Zoo Days 1 – 4.

There are so many animal tours for each day!

  • Day 1 has 8 tours
  • Day 2 has 6 tours
  • Day 3 has 6 tours
  • Day 4 has 5 tours.

Just enjoy some of them and have a wander!


Please let us know which parts of the zoo trip you liked best? Send us pictures and comments and we will add to our Chester Zoo Trip page below.


Have a wonderful time animal detectives!


Botley School's fun day out at Virtual Chester Zoo. - Find out about our day below. cool

My highlight of our zoo trip so far has been the 14 strong mob of meerkats! I loved the way they were not only foraging for meal worms in the bamboo tubes but also around the keeper and camera person! The sentry duty meerkats are fascinating to watch on top of their mound and they show such great team work. What did you enjoy? Mrs Radford

Kiko has created a brush pen and water colour picture of a red panda - one of his favourite animals inspired by his zoo visit. Well done Kiko!

Rose's (6SS) Chester Zoo picture

Thomas and Katie Abrahams had a fabulous time drawing pictures of the zoo animals and writing about them.Well done!