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Tuesday 24th

WALT:  Multiply a unit fraction by an integer: Reasoning and Problem Solving.


Teaching Examples.

Try to do these by yourself before checking to see if you were correct. Think carefully if we have added questions before or after the slide, you could record your answers to these questions beside your working.


Example 1.


Questions: Can you prove if she is wrong or right?  Can you explain to your parent or helper why you think this?  You can draw a diagram or show your working to support your answer. 


Did you get the answer correct?  If not, where do you think you went wrong?



Example 2:



Question:  Draw a picture or diagram or show your working to prove your answer.

Now check if you were correct.



Now you know the answer, make sure you can draw a diagram or explain why Ollie's answer was wrong.



Independent Practice


Now try these on your own, choose set 1 if you need to gain confidence, 2 if you are medium confident and 3 if you are super confident.

Set 1




Set 2



Set 3