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Our topic this term is Kings and Queens. Do you know who our Queen is?

Over the next few weeks we will be learning about the Queen’s family, the  queens and kings of the United Kingdom and you will be able to do a mini project on any queen or king of your choice


Weeks beginning 11th May (2 week project)

Who is your favourite British monarch? When did they reign? How long did they reign for? Do you know what they looked like? You can use the links below to help you.

You can show us what you have learned about your favourite monarch by making a mini project. It could be a fact sheet (see Daniel's on the blog!), a quiz, monarch top trumps, a picture or painting, a model. You could dress up and put on a little play. 

Send in what you do. You can teach us some monarch facts! It's your turn to be the teacher! 

You have two weeks to do this project plus the half term holiday. Have fun!




Week Beginning May 4th




This week we will look at the monarchs (queens and kings of Britain). Use the links below to find out more. 

Activity. Talk with your family about the monarchs of Britain. Who are you interested in finding out more about? Is there a monarch that shares the same name as you? Next week we will ask you to make a mini project about your chosen monarch.











Week Beginning 27th April

Here is the Queen's family tree. A family tree is a picture of all the people in a family with  lines connecting them to say how they are related. 

Look at the Queen's family tree with a grown up and see if you can find out the answers to these questions.

* How many children does the Queen have?

* Who will be the next King or Queen?

* How many great-grandchildren does the Queen have?

* Which name do you like best?!



Can you draw your family tree? It could be you and the people you live with. Or you can add your grandparents, cousins or anyone else in your extended family.


Send us a photo or keep it together with any other work you are doing at home and bring it back to school when we return.

Week beginning April 20th 

Do you know who this is?

It is St. George. On Thursday 23rd of April, this week, it is his saint day. He is the patron saint of England. You can find his story here.


Jonas and his sister made this fabulous video of the story of St. George and the Dragon

Can you make a flag of St George and wave it on Thursday?

In Botley School we also call this day ‘Living in England Day’. We celebrate all the good things we love about living in England. At this particular time we are all celebrating the nurses and doctors who look after us. Did you make a rainbow for your window to say thank you to them?

Can you make a list or draw pictures of all the things you like about living in Botley, Oxford or England? You can send this to us too.