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 The UK

For our wider curriculum (Geography, Art, DT, Computing etc.), you will be working on projects of your choice, all based around the UK. The attached topic web has a variety of ideas for projects that you could work on; please choose ideas from a range of sections (i.e. not all art, or not all history) to make sure you are getting a balanced curriculum. We are not expecting every idea from the topic web to be completed; please choose a few to complete in detail. As this is a 3 week timescale (running until the 17th July), we expect the effort that you put in to reflect that and for you to produce at least 2 - 3 different pieces or work. If there is something else that links to the UK that you would like o research, make or present, you can choose to do that as well. Remember to show us what you have created by uploading/emailing any photos/drawings/videos/Docs/Slides etc. to the year 6 email address. you can either submit your work weekly or at the end of the project. Be as creative as you like and we look forward to seeing your projects!