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Thursday 26th

Today's teaching examples and independent practice are to be found in the documents which you can download and read online or print out at home.

The teaching examples are carefully sequenced so that you develop understanding of the objective, please ask yourself these questions when looking at the teaching examples:  what do I notice, what has changed and what has stayed the same,  can I explain why the answer is correct or wrong and if not, what don't I understand?

The independent practice questions come in 3 sets, please choose questions from D for developing if you want to build confidence and develop security, from E for expected if you are or very nearly are feeing confident and from GD or greater depth, if you feel you are confident to work at depth with this objective.  Please try to complete three questions from the fluency (or practice paper) and two from the reasoning and problem solving - you choose which questions you want to try.

Walt: Multiply mixed numbers by integers. Teaching Examples.