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The Three Little Pigs


We read the story 'The three little pigs' and then used props to retell the story. We took turns to be the different characters and used the story langauge to retell the story. We had a great time blowing the houses down!

Making homes

We have been learning about different types of home and used the junk modelling resources to create our own homes. Some of us made flats, cottages, brick houses, caravans, hotels, castles etc. We thought about what features we would find in our home and added these to our creations.

Science Week - Making a home for the Big Bad Wolf

We linked Science Week into our theme by exploring materials. We have been learning about the different types of materials and have explored our classroom talking about what things are made out of. We have been comparing the materials and discussing why things are made using a particular material rather than others.

We thought about what material would make a good home for the big bad wolf and tested our ideas by creating homes for the wolf using these materials. We talked about the importance of having a waterproof home and tested this by throwing water at the home. This was great fun!