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The learning environment

Our classroom is lovely and has many exciting areas for you to explore and learn. Here are some of them.

Writing area

We have a variety of resources for you to use and a huge selection of paper, templates and books for you to write on.

Role-Play area

Our role-play area is currently set up as a home where you can prepare and eat meals, read a story, write a shopping list and don’t forget to look after the babies.

Maths area

We have a wide selection of resources to explore and learn about number, shapes, size, counting, measuring etc.

Creative area

We set up a range of creative activities from painting, sticking, printing, clay, dough etc.

Construction area

We have a variety of resources for you to use including Lego, Duplo, Mobilo, wooden blocks, small world people, dinosaurs as well as natural materials.

Junk modelling and water play

We have a designated area for junk modelling using a variety of resources. Our water tray is filled with a variety of resources and equipment for you to explore.