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Spring Term

Learning in Reception

Spring Term 1 2020: Around the World

Our topic this term is ‘Around the world’ where the children are learning about where we live and exploring different countries. We begin our topic by talking about journeys and places we have visited. This will lead us to talk about different vehicles and how we use particular transport for certain journeys. We will then go on our travels to … China to celebrate Chinese New Year, Italy to learn about the famous landmarks and artists, Africa to listen to some African music and finishing our topic in the Arctic where we will be exploring some ice and how it changes.

Spring Term 2 2020: Once upon a time

Our topic this term is ‘Once upon a time’ where our learning will be based around some traditional tales. We will begin our topic by sharing our favourite fairy tale/traditional tales.  We will be talking about the stories and why we enjoy them. We will then move our focus to different stories with the first being ‘The Three Little Pigs’ where the children will be exploring different materials in order to build a house. They will be finding out how the materials change and which would be waterproof.  Next we focus on ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and will look at the changes in the environment and what impact we have on our surroundings. Finally, we end the term focusing on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and link our learning to growing and plants.

We will be retelling the stories using props and puppets as well as thinking about the characters, setting and alternative endings. We will also be creating our own characters as a means to write our own stories.