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Spring Project 2020

Please see attached poster for information...

Keep an eye out below for projects that people have

Julia's Easter project creation: a chicken costume that actually fits her as a full-body costume! Can you spot her in the photo?

Layan's life cycle of a caterpillar. You have worked hard & a good way to learn!

Chloe Spring project

Kirsty's very detailed osteospermum. What a beautiful painting!

Freya's 'Spring in a Box'. What a wonderful idea. Well done Freya!

Sean's daisy inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe drawings. Super work Sean!

Jasmine from 3DB, the famous flower artist!

Bertie's amazing tulip

Ben Smith from 3DB, the famous botanical illustrator

Well done Nasim for planting and growing sunflowers at your allotment. I can't wait to see how high they grow.



A fabulous spring picture by Jakub, looking very cool in his sunglasses.smiley

Fantastic poem from Bertie in 3DB! Can you spot the 3 four-leaf clovers? Happy hunting!

Keziah and Eliza in EYFS have made this Spring poster by pressing flowers in their mummy’s old flower press and arranging them into the letters to spell Spring.

Iasmina in 4RT has created a wonderful Spring Box! We love her paper bunnies!

Joe has built a fantastic Bug house! I'm sure we'd all like one please!

Have a read of Julia's lovely poem.Can you spot a simile?

Well done Yalan for this super Spring Art!


2HD's Liam and his family have built a SUPERB bug hotel in their garden! Those lucky minibeasts! Keep us updated on what you observe please Liam :)

It looks like Aidan and his sister had a busy and creative Easter holiday!

A lovely spring poem by Gemma in 4RT

Kiko's spring project - fun with flower and leaf hammering and exploring textures with homemade natural paintbrushes.

Thank you Dylan for sharing your amazing poem.


Spring is beautiful

Pollen is common

Rabbits bring nature to life

Insects come out to play

New leaves grow on trees

Grass grows in spring.


By: Dylan

Class: 3MH


Amazing Bird box! Thank you Jakob from 4RT for your wonderful colourful birdbox! I wonder what colour eggs are inside?

Evie and Louis  - It really is incredible to see your clever idea of taking photos of this amazing cherry tree in your garden over the last three weeks.

I love your acrostic too. Fantastic work! Thank you for sharing with us. 


Evie you might like to have a go at this now:




(or perhaps research why cherry blossom is important to Japanese culture....)




Jasmine's spring poem from 3DB

Jasmine chose to write a poem about spring using the nature reserve near her house as inspiration.

I love looking at the world through the children's eyes...


Rosa in 2HD has been learning to weave.

Rose has been busy thinking about spring. So far she's...

Found a bird's egg...

Grown tomato plants from seed on the windowsill...

AND made a bird feeder out of a recycled can! So far, Rose and her family have spotted blue tits, long-tailed tits, house sparrows and a cheeky squirrel!   


Rose, well done for your spring project efforts! Such a gorgeous season to observe and enjoy laugh


Here is Zayn in his joyful spring top hat! Well done Zayn for cheering us all up :)

Thank you to Sophia in 2LH for your wonderful spring project! So cheerful and such a clever use of resources at home too!