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Last week of spelling!

Hope you're growing more confident in your spelling now.

This week we look at lots of words from the statutory Year 5/6 word list. If we were in school , the class would be in groups and we could share them out. Below there are 6 groups. Up to you which group you focus on, or if you want to look at more than one group.

Check you know the meaning of your set of words. Write them in a sentence. Look them up in a dictionary if you don't know the meaning. Try and use them in conversation.

Do you know which word class they belong to? 

Noun, verb, adjective, adverb.

Using this grid, put all the words in the correct columns

Finally, play this game with a member of your family. You have to describe the word on the screen for them to guess. You can't say the word itself, and they can't see it.
How about this Bitesize Game to finish?