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Special Times

During the first 2 weeks, we have focused on Bonfire/firework night, and the children did some wonderful paintings of fireworks, both on a small scale inside, and large splatter painting outside. 

we talked about keeping safe (fire, sparklers and being the dark) which we hope the children took on board during the Annual Nursery by Night and school firework event.


On November 11th, we talked about poppies and Remembrance Day. Teaching children about the significance of Remembrance Day and why people wear a poppy is not always an easy thing to do. The children are  too young to be exposed to the horrors of war, but we need to take first steps towards Remembrance and respect. CBeebies has produced a short animation, simply titled, ‘Poppies’ to help convey the notion of Remembrance in a way that resonates with a young audience. It is a beautiful piece to watch and we find it is a great way to introduce a discussion. The two-minute film depicts a bunny in a meadow that becomes a battlefield. The film is able to evoke feelings about war without any graphic visual depiction of war. We watched this together at the end of session group times, and the children thought about who they love. They created some beautiful poppies out of card, and painted some poppies using shapes in the paint during the week.


On Friday 15th Nov we had a Children in Need day and had lots of fun doing different Pudsey bear activities, and thinking about the children who need help to make their lives a bit easier. 

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