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Oxford High School’s ‘Serious Fun on Saturdays’ SHINE project certainly began with a bang – quite literally as the cannon fire experiment triggered the fire alarm!


 After breakfast, the children headed to the science lab to learn about energy transfer and how much energy is needed to launch a rocket into space. They witnessed screaming jelly babies, burnt bubbles and then conducted their own experiments with acids. They asked lots of great questions and gave thoughtful answers all morning.

Week Two

The question that was asked this week was  ‘How big is big?’  

First they had to work out which spheres (footballs, hockey ball, marbles, peppercorns etc.) represented each planet if the sun is a hula hoop. There were some red herrings as it turns out that the football is much bigger than Jupiter which was the hockey ball!

The second session saw them creating a scale model of the solar system in the Sports Hall using toilet paper as a unit of measure.