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Science at Botley

Last term saw our pupils enjoy a host of activities as part of science week, including: a 'What makes a good scientist?' class assembly by 6JP, STEM ambassadors visit classrooms, pupil-led investigations to enter Science Oxford's Big Science Event, planting trees for the Woodland Trust, participation in BBC Scientific Terrific, and the hugely successful science fair.


Botley is now taking part in the Primary Science Quality Mark and aiming for Gold or Silver Status. The first steps on this journey have been for all staff to agree upon our 'Principles of Good Teaching & Learning of Science', draft a vision statement for the subject and collect evidence, including staff and pupil feedback, to inform our action plan for the next three years.


Our principles are:


Engagement, Excitement, Curiosity, Skills Development (practical & thinking), Relevance, Exploration through Investigation and a Sense of Wonder.


Vision statement: 

Botley School's science curriculum aims to develop children's enjoyment of science through encouraging their natural curiosity about the world around them. We do this by asking big questions, thinking critically, exploring possible answers through investigation & developing the necessary skills to come to reliable conclusions. We want our pupils to be in awe & wonder at the marvel that is our world & universe, as well as to understand how important it is that we look after it. Through this, they may aspire to be the scientists of the future!