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Reception - Age group 4 - 5 year olds


Start of the Day

All children enter the School grounds from 8.30am and onto the Upper School playground then around to the Early Years Outdoor garden into the classrooms.  The garden gate will open at 8.40am (please do not arrive earlier than this time) and children can place their belongings on their pegs and in their drawers. We would like the children to tell us that they are here by placing their names on the self-register board. Then the children take part in the differen activities available within the classroom until 8.50am when the bell is rung for the register. We welcome you to settle your child and join the activities but ask you to leave promptly at 8.50am to ensure the gates can be locked by 8.55am in order to keep the children safe

Children arriving late must report to the School Office to make sure they are marked as present and their dinner arrangements registered.  


End of the day (3.15pm)

Please pick up your child from their classroom at the end of the day, 3.15pm. 

Please ensure that the teacher who is responsible for your child, knows you are taking them.



We have two Reception classes. We have the 'Ladybird' Class with Laura and the 'Dragonfly' class with Maryam. We have Tracy, Belinda, Cheryl and Sharon supporting the classes throughout the week.



The children in the Reception Class are not given a specific scheme book to take home in their book bags until later on in the term. In the meantime they are free to take home any book from the reading area and are encouraged to change these as often as you wish.  You will receive further information when we start to allocate individual reading books to the children.


The children in Reception need to bring in their book bags every day.  This enables the staff to have regular access to your child’s current book, and it also makes carrying letters and pieces of work home a lot easier.  Please check your child’s book bag regularly for any letters and information.



Please could you make sure that all the children’s clothes are named.  Even at this early stage in the term we have some brand new school jumpers in the lost property box.  Please also check that your child is wearing the correct clothes when they get home.

As the weather gets more autumnal your child needs to bring in a coat, preferably with a hood, as the children need to be free to play outside at all times.



If your child has vomited or had diarrhoea you are reminded to please keep them off school for 48 hours to ensure that any germs do not spread to the other children and staff.   Also please remember to inform the School every day if your child is unwell.


We currently have a child who suffers from SEVERE ALLERGIC REACTIONS to EGGS and NUTS so please ensure that your child does not bring nuts to school, and that any packaging which is donated for junk modelling is free of egg boxes/nut packaging.