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Welcome to Year 4 Reading Folder!

Being at home more means that lots of us are getting stuck into our reading books and escaping off on different adventures!  I'm sure you're all enjoying your books and hope to see more Extreme Reading pics sent in for our Spring Reading challenge.

Each week there will be a Reading task for you to try. Some will be comprehensions and some will link to your own reading experiences. 

Please also have a look at the useful websites below for more fun reading.




Log into Oxford Owl to have a look at all the books you can share.



Reading books aloud: From CLPE (Centre for Literacy in Primary Education)


Our Power of Pictures website is home to a range of videos including 11 author/illustrators reading their books aloud. Reading aloud is a vital part of teaching literacy, and to hear the book read by the author/illustrator is a great way to inspire children's work. 

Watch them now on their YouTube Playlist

Also please check out this website with this wonderful book called Book of Hopes with many fantastic stories and illustrations!


Here is fun story book for younger children relating to Lockdown but still something we can all relate to!


Week beginning May 11th

Week beginning May 18th

Let's explore our Botley School Library on our website!