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It's important that we all keep active during this time. We have been following Joe Wicks in school and you can do this at home too if you follow this link.


This is a link to the PE curriculum we follow in school. Have fun!

Parents: There is a lot on this website so it may be a good idea to explore it yourselves before you show your children. It has a daily timetable and covers lots of other areas of the curriculum too. Please don't feel you have to do it all. Just pick and choose what is suitable for your child. 

Real PE at home



Week beginning 27th April

The first week in May is traditionally a time to celebrate the coming of Spring. In Botley School we would be busy practising for our May Day dancing. Here is a video of some children in another school practising the Circassian Circle. This is the  dance we do in Year One. Can you make up your own dance to the music? Get your family to join in!

Older children practising with the maypole