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Curriculum and subject areas

Year 2 Topics this year

We learn all about these things and much more

Here we are and the stars

Changes! We are Britain

We shall be looking at our world and where we are now! Sharing what makes us special and the people who are stars to us.

We will be exploring the world and learning about the continents and oceans. We will follow the journeys that explorers took and how they travelled.


We shall investigate and find out how people celebrate special times around the globe and also share celebrations from our own families and cultures.

We will investigate changes that have happened within living memory.

  • How has communication changed?
  • How has our food changed?
  • How have our clothes changed and much more!!

We shall explore our country Britain. What makes Great Britain great? 

What are the different countries in Great Britain and what makes them special?

We will learn about our common values and also the different cultures that make Great Britain so special.