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COVID Roadmap Step 3 – 17th May 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,


COVID Roadmap Step 3 – 17th May 2021


There has been a lot of excitement and hope in recent weeks as we have negotiated the roadmap out of COVID restrictions across the country and we are looking forward to beginning to reduce some of the preventative measures in place. The guidance for schools has not actually changed significantly, and we still have to abide by the class bubbles inside the building and keep our preventative measures for distancing and hygiene in place. We are, however, able to introduce some new measures as a result.


From this week:

• We will be able to mix in larger 2-class bubbles outside at lunchtime and breaktime

• Joint PE lessons e.g. games of rounders etc, with partner class bubbles outside will be happening.

• Children will be able to leave their coats and bags on the pegs in the corridors and cloakrooms

• Children will be able to start individual instrumental lessons again (see below)


Arriving and leaving school Just a few reminders about arrival at, and departure from school.


• Families are encouraged to walk or cycle to school wherever possible. • Please avoid busy times in the mornings by taking advantage of our slow start- school gates will be opened at 8.30 and children need to be in class by 8.55 at which time the register will be taken.

• Please do not arrive earlier than 8:30 as we want to avoid queues of parents or children in one place.

• The children will exit from school at 3.15 – this is a single time of exit as access through our car park can be facilitated thus giving more space to pedestrians.

• The one-way system of walking up Elms Road, and crossing into school is still in place.

• Parents are reminded that they must not drive up Elms Road or pull over in the double yellow lines area by the entrance to the school. This is where our children and families cross over the road and it is not safe to pull in there.

• All parents must wear face masks on the school site, unless medically exempt

• Children will once again enter and leave the building from the doors they were assigned last term (see table below) – Staff will be on hand to support pupils coming into school.


Classes  Door
Year 6 - Cedar and Lilac        Forest School door
Year 5 Sycamore and Hawthorn    Through the first hall door
Year 3/4 Cypress & Maple  Boys’ toilet door
Year 3/4 Silver Birch and Chestnut  Old school entrance doors
Year 2 Rowan    Y2 playground door accessed through the KS1 playground
Year 2 Cherry   Through the classroom back door
Year 1 Apple and Poplar  Through classroom doors via the KS1 playground
Ladybirds  Through Nursery gate and into class via the garden Butterflies Through Nursery gate and into class via the garden


 Collecting children from another family:

The government guidance for support and childcare bubbles has not changed since April 15th. We understand that outside of school parents can organise little gatherings should they wish to do so, however, without a change to the bubble guidance for schools, we will not be able to let children go home with anyone outside of their family, childcare bubble or support bubble unless in an exceptional, emergency circumstances. If you have not done so already, please let the office know of any arrangements you have made for childcare or support bubbles.


Year 6 End of Year Events

Miss Christie, Miss Southouse and I have begun cautiously planning events for year 6 for the end of term. Our aim is to plan events that will provide a fun and exciting culmination of the children’s time at Botley School which can go ahead in some way, even if restrictions are not lifted further. More information will be available from the year 6 team soon.


Music Instrumental lessons

Now we are starting to reintroduce instrumental lessons we have contacted our music teachers to ask them when they can restart lessons in school. At this stage, we will be able to start clarinet and brass lessons for those pupils learning with the Music for Schools Foundation and piano lessons for those learning with Mrs Divchev-Curr.

Mr Luland (Guitar) is planning to return to teaching in school from September and we will contact parents to confirm this as soon as we can.

Sadly, both Mr Mole (piano) and Ms Lane (violin) are unable to restart lessons at Botley School. We are currently trying to find replacement teachers for the students they taught.


Looking forward to Roadmap Step 4: June 21st

Whilst it does seem that the relaxation of the COVID restrictions in the community are greater than in schools’ guidance from the Department for Education, we welcome the cautious approach to keeping our community safe. That said, we look forward to being able to relax the restrictions further from 21st June in Step 4. We hope that at that point, the schools’ guidance will allow for further easing of the bubble sizes indoors as well as outdoors, and the ability for us to come together more as a school for assemblies, group activities and end of term events, such as sports day. We will keep parents informed of any changes to our risk assessment or provision and any events that we are able to plan safely as soon as possible.


Yours sincerely

 Mrs Jo Reid BA(hons) PGCE MA NPQH Headteacher