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Celebrating Attendance

Dear Parents and Carers, 


Please see the links at the bottom of this piece for our Attendance Policy and this Powerpoint, to help us all work together to improve attendance for all. 



  • At 8.40am, doors are opened  and children may walk in, to their classroom 
  • School starts at 8.45am, and children should be on the playground before then.
  • Children arriving after 8.45am, are late.
  • Doors are closed at 8.50am. Parents must taker their child(ren) to the School Office and sign them in.


Botley School attendance for last year 2017-18 was just above the National figure, however there is still room for improvement, as Botley School attendance falls short when compared to our partnership neighbouring schools eg West Oxford, Cumnor, North Hinksey, St. Swithun's and Appleton.

In Botley School last year.........


  • 2693 school sessions were missed by 303 children last year, due to unauthorised absences-children arriving late, after the register has closed, taken on holiday during term time or were absent and no reason was given for the absence by their parents.
  • School does not authorise holidays during term time - However, 67 pupils were taken onunauthorised holidays during term time last year and missed 639 sessions in total (1 school year = 190 days x 2 sessions a day=380). That is nearly 2 school years of education lost due to holidays. 12 children were absent for more than 9 days (18 sessions) within the school year.

Children being absent from school does impact on their learning and we need to ensure children at Botley School achieve their very best! 


Ms Marsh


Click here for our Attendance Policy


Click here for the Attendance PowerPoint