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Week 12

13th July - 17th July 2020


Learn and sing a song.

This week is all about singing:

please choose a song and sing along with it

until you can sing the entire song by yourself.


Suggested Songs


'This is me'

The Greatest Showman


'The Shape of you'

Ed Sheeran



Marshmello ft Bastille


'I'll be there'

Jess Glynne


'Give a little'

Maggie Rogers



Pharrell Williams

Have you found the music pages under Wider Curriculum? More ideas there too!

Week 11

6th - 10th July 2020


How to Beatbox!

Watch the videos and try and have a go at making your own beatboxing rhythms and lyrics!

Last week's Rap Lesson


Rap Backing

Do you like rap? Compose your song to this backing track.

Acoustic Backing

An acoustic track to help you compose your lyrics to.

Guidlelines and questions to help you compose your track.


Once you have chosen which track to work with, you can follow the guidelines below to help you compose your song:


  • First of all, just listen to the music.
  • Then, listen a second time and write down any thoughts, feelings or ideas you have while listening.
  • Now, work out the beats and rhythm of the piece, by clapping or tapping.
  • Turn your notes into lyrics. You may want to play the track in the background or focus without the music.
  • Practice your lyrics and make any changes. 
  • When you are happy with your song, record it and share it with your classmates by sending it in to


Extra Challenge: Incorporate the ‘Master Skill’.


  • Use symbolic language – simile/metaphor/personification.
  • Simile:
    • Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan
  • Metaphor:
    • Baby I’m a Firework - Katy Perry
  • Personification:
    • Mr Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra


Thinking Questions:

  • What am I trying to say with this song?
  • How can I express my thoughts/feelings/ideas in an interesting way?
  • Which words do I want to repeat as a chorus/hook?
  • Is there an image I can use to symbolise thoughts/ideas/feelings?

Extra Challenge


  • Record your song and/or make a music video of your song
  • If you want us to share your song, either the lyrics or your recording of it, then send it to