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Who remembers singing on the bus?!

Welcome to the Music pages and hope you find some fun things to sing and play.

The first place to explore is Sing Up at Home

Happy singing !

There is access to a huge song bank, where you can browse silly songs, relaxing songs, right through to empowering songs,depending on your mood. Again, lyrics and backing tracks are all there.


And look even further to links for music lessons and chance to learn body percussion or beat boxing and all sorts of musical activities

Musical Instruments

Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra have done some amazing instrumental work for children .

There are 13 short videos here, with chance to find out about different instruments and take part in all sorts of musical activities. Learn about violin first, then flute and woodwind instruments, moving on to the whole orchestra and beyond.


For those of you who have been in the choir recently, and for those who might wish to be in the choir, these are the songs we would be practising if we were singing together, The next concert is the Festival of Voices and should have been in the summer. The songs are great, and you can still be singing them for fun and to be ready for when the concert is rescheduled.

Here is the song book and tracks to listen to and sing along with. Happy Singing!

Abiyoyo full performance .mp3

Any dream will do vocals 1.mp3

Be cool vocals.mp3

Believe vocals.mp3

Jacob and sons vocals 2.mp3

Mama don't allow vocals.mp3

Mango walk full performance.mp3

Mrs Fizzy vocals.mp3

Right to survive vocals.mp3

This train full vocals.mp3

Tinga layo full performance mp3.mp3

We share a wonderful world full performance .mp3

World in union vocals.mp3

And don't forget to learn the sign language for the chorus of "Believe".