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Do you know who the bored looking boy is in the picture below?


It's Prince Charles. He is watching his mum, Elizabeth, being crowned. Do you think you'd be bored too?

Listen and look at the clip below. It shows scenes from the Queen's reign. Do you recognise any others in her family?

The music was written about 300 years ago by a composer called George Frederick Handle for a coronation. Listen carefully at the end (and look at the words) and tell your family if you think Handle wrote this piece for a king or a queen.








Week beginning 4th May

Listen to the Carnival of the animals again. This time, see if you can move to the music. Is it fast, slow, heavy, twinkly? Use all of your body if you can. If you don't have much space, just use you arms and hands and show what you are thinking about with your face.

Ask your family to tell you which animals the music represented. Did you have a good guess? It doesn't matter what you guessed-the important thing was to listen and to move with the music.

Week beginning 20th April

This term we will be listening (and moving!) to The Carnival of the Animals. We started to listen to some of it last term so you may recognise some of the music.

It was written by Camille Saint-Seans, a French composer. He was born in 1835 and died in 1921. He wrote the music as a 'piece of fun'. See what you think.

This week, follow this link to listen to the music. 

There are no moving pictures to see with this link. Just close your eyes, listen and see if you can guess what animals Saint-Seans was thinking of when he wrote the music. (Note to grown-ups; Don't read out the name of the animals yet!)

There are fourteen separate pieces so take your time, you don't have to do them all or all at once. Write down or draw the animals for each piece.

We will do more next week.