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Activity 1 - Heart beats

Shut your eyes and tune into your heart beat.

Can you feel it?

To make this easier, put your hand over your heart, or you can jump or dance to help you find it.


Activity 2- On the lookout...

Go for a walk near your home or in your garden and try to spot three new things.

Why did you think you've never noticed these thinkgs before?



Activity 1 - Draw me a song

Put some music on and listen very carefully.

What shapes and colours pop into your mind?

Try to draw how the music makes you feel. 


Activity 2 - Garden art

Shoes on, it's time to go in the garden.

Find some petals and leaves and use them to make a pattern.

What colours can you see?

What smells can you smell?

Can you do this with twigs or anything else?



Activity 1 - Squeezy!

Lie down an close your eyes.

Squeeze and relax every muscle in your body one by one. 

Start at your toes and work all the way up to your face.

Do you feel more relaxed?


Activity 2 - Candle hands!

Hold up your hands and imagine each finger is a candle - warm and tingly!

Now blow the candles out, one at a time.

Why not imagine each candle is a worry and blow them all away.


Be Positive

Activity 1 - Something Special

Take it in turns to share three things that make you special.

Once you've all shared, celebrate whats makes you, you!


Activity 2 - Say something nice

Paying someone a compliment is a very kind thing to do.

You could say they look nice or that you enjoy spending time with them.

How many people can you compliment today?

How does it feel?