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Mindfulness means paying attention, with kindness and patience, to what is going on, on the inside and outside of us.

You can be mindful by noticing your breathing, focusing on what you are doing, becoming more aware of what is around you and  being patient.


Some of the activities are from Mindful Kids by Whitney Stewart and Mina Braun.

They have five different areas and some weeks there will be an activity from one or two of these areas.

Other weeks might be listening to music, yoga or a mindfulness activity.

Remember you can do any of the activities as many days as you like and not just once for the whole week. 


Week beginning Monday 18th May

Did you have a go at the yoga last week? Did it help you to relax?


This week is about music appreciation. Singing along to your favourite song counts as a mindfulness exercise! As you sing the song pay attention to how it makes you feel.

One of Mrs Tripkovic's favourite songs to sing along to is  'Count On Me' by Bruno Mars.


What is your favourite song? Email us at Year 4, we would love to know! smiley


Week beginning Monday 11th May

This week is a yoga session. Have a go and let us know how you get on.