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Welcome to your Maths page. On this page there will be a range of websites and activities for you to have a go at whilst you are at home.


White Rose Hub


This website has daily lessons for you to try at home, the link is below. Each week they upload new lessons, one for each day of the week, so make sure you check the website.


Every lesson has a video that will help explain the day's learning, along with a worksheet and answers for you to practise the new learning.


This is the main form of learning Maths that we would like you to try whenever you can. This will keep you up to date and don't worry if you struggle it just means that you are challenging your knowledge.

Hamilton Learning


Each week this section will be uploaded with 5 new lessons for you to try at home. Within each lesson there will be.


  • A reading section that teaches you a new skill.
  • Questions for you to try either mild or spicy.
  • A tricky part where you might need an adult to help you.
  • Finally a few master challenges


Extra hard challenge


Here is a link to some really deep thinking Maths, have a go if you want to expand your knowledge of Maths.